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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let me tell you bout my Best Friend.

Because of my major, my homework requires me to learn about Jesus. Which in my opinion, is pretty awesome. It brings me so much joy. Today, I was doing homework from my Christian Belief and Though class and I had to read the gospel of Luke. While doing this, I couldn't help but realize how much Jesus truly was fully human (while being fully Divine, of course). But my point is, Jesus gets it.

Jesus has experienced every human emotion that we experience. He's had human experiences just like we have. He's been angry, tempted, rejected, His heart has been moved with pity, He's felt joy, sadness, pain. Sounds familiar, right? Kind of like you and me? I think what's so amazing about this is that it allows us to relate to God. God isn't some task master who is going to take note of every single thing you do right and wrong. He isn't far away from us. He isn't someone to be afraid of. He isn't dead. He's an all loving, all forgiving God who understands exactly how we feel and knows us better than we know ourselves. He's someone you can truly depend on. He's the best friend that we could ever have. And He wants to be our best friend. But that requires work on your part. C.S Lewis said: "God doesn't want anything from us. He simply wants us." He just wants a relationship with us. And because He knows exactly how we feel better than anyone else, why not have a relationship with Him? 

It can be hard to have a relationship with God. He doesn't talk back in the ways that we're used to. We can't just text Him or Facebook chat Him. However, there are ways for us to do this; prayer. Prayer doesn't have to be formal and you saying the rosary for hours. Prayer should be something personal; between you and God. Prayer is your way to communicate with God. It's your way to text Him. Prayer is crucial when it comes to having a relationship with Jesus. Just like any relationship, we need to talk to God. Think of your best friend. You talk to them all the time, right? I'm sure you're in constant communication with them and you update them on your lives and make sure they know what's going on. But imagine you talk to your best friend for one hour once a week. That's all. What would happen? Well, your relationship would eventually dwindle and maybe die. In order to keep that relationship, you need to communicate with them. The same goes for God. We can't just talk to Him for one hour a week in church. We need to be in constant communication with Him. We need to spend time with Him. 

Find what works for you so you can do that. For me, I keep what I call a Jesus journal. I keep a journal where I write to Jesus every night. I talk to Him as my best friend. I talk to Him about my day, struggles that I've had, joys that I've had, things that I'm thankful for. And throughout the day, I share everything with Him. I make sure that He knows what's going on in my life and I keep Him apart of my every day. Another thing that works for me is going to mass or going to the chapel. For those who are Catholic, at mass, we receive Jesus. And when we do, we physically become one with Him. Just as a married couple become one when the consummate their marriage, we become one with Jesus every single time we receive Him. Just as we crave intimacy with other humans, we have an even greater desire for intimacy with God. We are able to be satisfied once we have Him. And there's something about physically getting to hang out with Jesus that does so much for my relationship with Him. You can't get much better than actually being with Jesus. 

Try and take Jesus wherever you go. Make Him a part of your daily lives. Life is hard. But life without Jesus is even harder. We need Him. But most importantly, we need to have a relationship with Him. We need to get to know Him through scripture, song, and others. We need to talk to Him as if we were talking to another person. We need to act out of love for Him and for others. On a retreat I went on in high school, I was taught that we need to have a Christian tripod of study, prayer and action. With this tripod, we can live out our Christian lives. 

Having a relationship with Jesus has done so much for me. He has saved me. He has brought me so much joy, peace, and love. I'm nothing without Him. Having a relationship with Him allows me to be the best I can be. If I love Him as best as I can, then I can better love others. But the best part of having a relationship with Him is the fact that He is the best friend I could ask for. He understands exactly what I'm going through, He will never leave my side. He won't judge me or condemn me. He loves me no matter what. He is the only One I can truly depend on. Jesus will never let me down. And what's awesome is that He can do the exact same thing for you. We have to be the ones to make a move and work for this relationship. Jesus is always reaching His hand out for us; it's up to us to grab it. I pray that you can let go, and trust Him. Know that He will love you with all that He has and that He will never hurt you or let you down. He's the best friend anyone could ever ask for. 

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